Legal & Advocacy Services

Ken Kimball understands that many people with disabilities don’t know where or how to begin the Social Security disability claim process.  Let’s face it…the process can be daunting, especially when you don’t feel well or are experiencing pain.  We can assist with filing the initial claim, handling appeals from denials, and representing you before an administrative law judge.  We help and advise you in filling out the self-reports the Social Security Administration requires.

Importantly, we help you understand what the Social Security Administration requires to “prove” your disability.  We know the rules, regulations, and listings of impairments.  We can make sure that you are on the right track toward a successful resolution of your Social Security disability claim.

Helping you get your Social Security Disability Benefits

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to qualify for Social Security benefits throughout the nation, but your chances of winning are higher with help from Ken Kimball and his team. They have years of experience and have successfully guided hundreds of clients through the process. This is what they do to help you be successful:

  • Assistance with the initial Social Security disability application.
  • Explanation of and help with “Function Reports” and “Work History Reports.”
  • Electronic appeals of denials of Social Security disability claims.
  • Guidance in developing a Social Security disability claim that can be won.
  • Review of the medical record.
  • Preparation for hearings with an administrative law judge.
  • Representation at hearings with an administrative law judge.

If you want to want to learn about the Social Security disability process and how we can help you receive the benefits you deserve, get started today. Call for a FREE consultation.