What can a disability advocate do for you?

What is the difference between an advocate and an attorney?  There is no legal difference when it comes to representing an individual in a Social Security disability claim. The Social Security Administration recognizes both attorneys and non-attorney representatives equally and Social Security studies show no difference between the two in successful results.  What matters is experience and integrity.   We know the law, the processes, the local agencies, and the judges.  However, we take a limited number of claims so that we can provide personalized service to every client.

Do you offer free consultations?

Absolutely! You must feel comfortable with your representative.  Please call us at 208-853-6977 or use our email form.  We can discuss your individual case, explain why your claim may have been denied, and work with you to obtain the medical documentation needed to satisfy Social Security. We pride ourselves in being both knowledgeable and approachable.

When should I file?

If you can’t work and are disabled now, don’t wait. File now!  The time varies, but some claims take two years to be decided.  Also, some claims have a limited window to file.  You can file even if you have an existing workers’ compensation claim, insurance claim, or veterans claim.

What if my claim is denied?

Most claims are denied at the initial level. However, you have 60 days to appeal the decision.  If we represent you, we take care of all the appeals. Representing a client allows us to speak to the Social Security Administration and the agency Disability Determinations on your behalf.  Our expert help can make the difference between a second denial and getting your claim approved.

Why would my claim be denied if I can’t work?

There are many reasons for a denial, but foremost is an incomplete, documented picture of your impairments and subsequent limitations. Social Security is looking for solid evidence.  We can help you determine the weaknesses in your case, and what you can do to make your case stronger.

Hiring a disability advocate greatly increases your chances of receiving the benefits you have worked for and deserve.  With Ken Kimball, you will find the experience, expertise, and dedication that can make the difference.

How do you charge?

Unless we win your case, you don’t pay anything! The fee for disability representation is set by the Social Security Administration.  First, you must win your case.  Second, there must be past due benefits.  Social Security then withholds 25% of your past due benefits (capped at $6,000) and sends it directly to the representative.

Can I work while waiting for a decision?

Yes, you can, although there are complicated rules on how much money you can earn. Please contact us for a FREE evaluation and we can discuss the work rules while applying for disability.